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Gold Coast is both quaint and bustling, complete with classic charm.

The Gold Coast is a hub of Chicago luxury real estate at its best, a tradition that has lasted for centuries. This exclusive community was first branded the Astor Street District. It was named after John Jacob Astor, a business tycoon and real estate mogul that perished in the Titanic.
In the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire, another tycoon, Potter Palmer, moved in to call Gold Coast his home, filling in a swampy area to erect a larger-than-life mansion. Other well-to-do Chicagoans followed suit, making Gold Coast an epicenter of wealth and influence. Gold Coast real estate and lifestyle continues to signal luxury Chicago living, home to Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities that elevate the prestige associated with owning Gold Coast Chicago Condos.
There are many perks to owning a Gold Coast condominium. Within walking distance, you have a cornucopia of world-class shops and starred cuisine. By night, revelers can stroll Rush Street for some of the trendiest bars, upscale lounges, musical venues and high-energy events that can be found west of Manhattan.

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Gold Coast Chicago living is best suited for singles or people without a large family, based on the proximity to downtown and the relatively high price of homes. This is borne out by demographics, with the average household size being a mere 1.5 people. The average household income hovers at $90,000 per year, almost double the income of other Chicagoans and a whopping 80% more than the national median income.
If you are an up and coming professional that wants a taste of luxury, there is no better community to enjoy your success, than the Gold Coast neighborhood. However, your home purchase is one of life’s greatest decisions and should not be taken lightly.
With a client-centric attitude finding properties that meet your individual needs, Heather MacFarland will narrow your options from a sea of buying opportunities and match your budget and lifestyle with the best Chicago Condos For Sale. A fierce negotiator that has honed her skills by earning the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation, Heather will go to bat for you to command the best price, with the least complications.




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